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Deep cover mineral exploration: The Coil Tubing Rig


The coil tubing rig has been in development at the DET CRC since 2010 and has the potential to have significant impacts on exploration in areas with significant barren cover. With the potential of commercial availability as early as 2020, now is a good time to look at the possible benefits coil tube drilling has over the alternatives.


Tectonic processes replicated in small scale models


In this brief post I look at some of the sandbox modelling completed by Dr. Philip Prince of Virginia Tech. Dr. Prince has been producing videos showing the complex development of tectonic settings which can be observed across the globe including analogues of real-wold tectonic environments.


Visual Geology: 3D learning tool


It’s called Visual Geology and if you’re looking for a small 3D application to visualise geological concepts then this might be for you…


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Geoscience Radio is a podcast about discovery. For those involved in exploration, this is a podcast to showcase mineral discoveries and share insight into the geoscience that is involved in the process. We will delve into some of the basic (and often undervalued) principles of geology that are indispensable tools to the modern geologist, and discuss modern technologies that are becoming commonplace in 21st century exploration.

Episode 1: Discovering the Tropicana Gold Deposit.

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